Zombie Apocalypse Vodka®

Love Zombies? So do we – watching them, dressing up as them, sending hoards of plants against them, filming them, running from them, and festooning our bottles with them! Here’s a quality vodka that’s the perfect accompaniment for all Your favorite Zombie obsessions.

Whether savored neat or on the rocks, Zombie Apocalypse Vodka has a light vanilla bouquet with a smooth, sweet finish, and no harsh afterburn. In your favorite mixed drink, Zombie Apocalypse Vodka adds the kick you’re looking for without the distraction of medicinal odors or taste. Any way you choose to enjoy it, this is one smooth-drinking vodka experience.

Made from soft white winter wheat, a strain legendary for producing the smoothest, softest vodka, Zombie Apocalypse Vodka is an all-natural product that has 64 calories per 1 oz. serving and ZERO carbs. It is a sulfite-free, fat-free, and gluten-free spirit that is grown, distilled, and bottled in New York State and part of the Pride of New York Program.