Braided Oaks Spirits
Oaks are a long lived species of tree, capable of living for centuries, and valued for their strength.

The USS Constitution was made from Oak. Did you know that the hull of the USS Constitution was made from oak and earned its nickname, "Old Ironsides", from the strength of its live oak hull, famous for easily repelling British cannon balls? Commissioned in 1797, she is the longest serving ship in the U.S. Navy, 216 years so far.

Braided Oaks Spirits - Our Name

Barrels are make from Oak. Oak barrels, like those hand crafted from the American White Oak, have been used by generations of wine and spirit masters to impart complex depth, mellowness, color and character to their elixirs as they age in cool, dark caves, cellars, and bodegas.

Oaks have a deep root system.

Oaks have a deep root system, which may extend over 100 feet in diameter. This huge network of roots inevitably reaches the roots of other oaks in the forest floor. When the roots of two or more trees intertwine, they do something cool - they graft together; supporting, strengthening, and nourishing all of the trees involved in this intertwining system. But "braided" also implies something man-made. For Braided Oaks Spirits, the unseen network of intertwining roots are our marketing and spirits professionals, whose widespread knowledge and support help nurture and braid the brands of Braided Oaks Spirits into a unique Family of Spirits.

Our Approach in a nutshell - make that in an acorn

Like the hand-crafted oak barrel, Braided Oaks Spirits imparts its own unique characteristics to every spirit we create in order to bring you uniquely branded, visually arresting, great-tasting, easy-drinking spirits that recognize and celebrate the unique and diverse aspects of this crazy world we all share.

Braided Oaks